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How to Best Protect Your Teeth This Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year for not only kids…but adults too! People often see it as a good excuse to indulge in more sweets than usual, without the guilt. That said, most people don’t step up their...

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How to Prepare Your Child for The Dentist

New experiences in general can cause anxious feelings for kids. Visits to the dentist are no different. People are often fearful of the dentist, regardless of how old they are. Luckily for adults, dental clinics like Townline Dental offer...

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7 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

One of the most important life skills that you can teach your child is good dental hygiene. The best way you can do this is to make it a fun activity, so instead of trying to avoid it, they actually look forward to it. Brushing their own teeth...

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