Tips for Protecting Your Family’s Teeth This Easter

Easter makes kids excited for chocolates and goodie baskets. It can be a good excuse for adults to indulge as well. That said, treats should be consumed in limited amounts to help prevent potential tooth decay.

Lots of Easter treats include caramel, marshmallows, or are really gummy like jelly beans, creme eggwhich unfortunately all stick to teeth. Crème-filled eggs, although popular, are also guilty culprits.  It is better to choose treats that will dissolve more quickly and considered to be more “healthy” such as hollow dark chocolate bunnies.

Ideally, it is best to enjoy goodies in one sitting instead of dragging it out all day, because that is essentially the same as having teeth soak in a bath of sugar without coming up for air. Not to mention, bacteria in the mouth also feeds off of the sugar, which can then create an acidic reaction and harm the enamel on your teeth.

Because of this acid in your mouth, it is best to wait a good 30 minutes before brushing to protect your enamel. Brushing too soon can make it more prone to erosion. Even if you aren’t able to brush that soon, perhaps due to being away from home, it is a great idea to get in the habit of at least rinsing with water until you are able to brush.

There are so many other things that can be given to kids to celebrate the day aside from candies and chocolate (and a good way to distract them from wanting sweets), such as:

  • Egg decorating kits  easter bunny abbotsfordeaster treats dental health
  • Coloring books
  • Stuffed toys
  • Games


The staff at Townline Dental in Abbotsford would like to wish you a very happy and HEALTHY long weekend! Due for a teeth cleaning? Call us to book an appointment today: 604-744-1513.