If I Have a Waterpik, Do I Still Have to Floss?

Let’s start with how flossing and using a waterpik differ. When you floss, you get rid of food particles, loosen debris, and scrape off sticky film. A waterpik uses a pulsating stream of water to remove bacteria from the pockets of your gums.

So as you can see, you would still need to floss in order to clean between the tight spaces of your teeth, even if you have a waterpik. The waterpik would essentially flush everything out and they would work together to provide you with a really clean mouth (in addition to brushing twice a day, of course).

Who would benefit the most from buying a waterpik?

  • Someone with sensitive gums
  • Someone with active gum disease / gingivitis
  • Someone with diabetes because they are more at risk for gum disease and will experience less bleeding with a waterpik
  • Someone with dental appliances, braces, or dentures

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