Healthy Gift Idea for Your Family this Holiday Season

If you’re running out of Christmas gift ideas for your family, what about dental products? Everyone needs them, people often don’t like spending much on themselves in this area, and you’re contributing to their health at the same time!

Here’s an idea for a gift basket you could put together:  healthy gift idea abbotsford

  • Electric toothbrush – High-end rechargable ones like Oral B, Pursonic, or Sonicare for teens of adults or battery operated ones decorated with their favorite cartoon characters for kids
  • Replacement heads for electronic toothbrushes (these are great for people to have on hand, because they often use their current toothbrush head much longer than they should)
  • Waterpik – Helps reduce plaque and the chance of gum disease – much more effective than just using floss
  • Easy teeth flossers that are used once and disposed of – super easy to use and pack for travel
  • Good quality toothpaste for adults or fun stuff for kids
  • A timer to help people track that they are brushing for at least 2 minutes
  • Travel toothbrush set for vacation or to easily keep in a handbag for use at work etc.
  • Sugar free gum such as Excel or Dentyne

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