Is Your Tooth Enamel Eroding?

Your tooth enamel contains 96% minerals, therefore it is the hardest substance in your body.  It is extremely important to protect your enamel, as best as possible, because it does not regenerate once it is lost. The more your tooth enamel wears down, the more susceptible your teeth become to chips, cracks, and cavities.

How do you know if your tooth enamel is wearing away?

  • You notice dents in your teeth – this is referred to as “cupping”
  • Your teeth are yellowing – this may be because less enamel means that your dentin (which is yellow in color) is able to show through more easily
  • You notice chips or cracks in your teeth – weaker teeth are more vulnerable to these problems
  • Your teeth are becoming more sensitive to hot, cold, and sugary foods

So what do you do if you notice any of these signs? Don’t panic. Just book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible so that you can address your concerns with them and find ways to prevent the erosion from worsening.

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