The Impact of Covid-19 on Dentistry

It goes without saying that it’s not possible to treat dental patients while practicing social distancing. This is why the Government had no other choice, but to ensure that dental clinics were temporarily closed. It really was the only option to be able to keep people safe and healthy.

So what’s the best thing you can do for your personal dental care at home?

The best thing you can do is maintain your regular dental hygiene routine, brushing morning and night for two minutes at a time…plus flossing, of course. It can be easy to let your dental care slide or not check up on your children’s dental care when you don’t have much of a schedule, but it’s really important to make the effort to stay on track. Not to mention, when you don’t take care of your teeth, it can negatively affect the rest of your body and your immune system. This is a time when you need to take the utmost care of yourself. Being proactive is key.

Sending everyone our best regards and well wishes. We will get through this together and look forward to having your smiling face at our dental clinic in Abbotsford soon.

The Staff at Townline Dental  РYour Source for Dentistry in Abbotsford