Make Smart Choices When it Comes to Chocolate This Easter

Two of the things that come to mind when we think of Easter are the Easter Bunny and chocolate. Young or old, everyone likes to indulge in a little chocolate!

The thing is though, the cheaper chocolate that you will find at the chain stores, drugstores, and grocery stores has a very high sugar content, with no nutritional value. You may think “Does any chocolate have nutritional value?”

Unfortunately eating chocolate will never be on the same health scale as eating apples for example, but if you choose dark chocolate, it will absolutely have a better effect on your health and teeth! benefits dark chocolate abbotsford

Here are the benefits of choosing dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 70% and higher:

  • It has less sugar
  • It contains cocoa butter that can help prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth
  • It is higher in antioxidants
  • It contains a higher level of tannins, which also can help prevent buildup of plaque

Choose your chocolate wisely and always remember to rinse with water, brush, and floss!

Happy Easter from all of us at Townline Dental!